Framework as a Service

Ask not what your country can do for you...

Today I got pulled into a conversation with an old friend and mentor of mine.  In the conversation he mentioned John F. Kennedy and how he was able to pull in the world when he gave a speech.  I wasn't even born when JFK was president and would have loved to had the chance to hear him live over the airwaves.

I am sure you are starting to wonder if Eric has lost it by now or where is he going with this.  Well in JFKs inaugural address  the country was pulled together and motivated to build itself up.  I feel like we could use that motivation these days.  It is different times now, but the technological seeds that were being planted in the early 1960's have grown and we have harvested many times from them.  This technology now drives our commerce and our booming economy.  This technology keeps growing faster every day.  With this growth we will have challenges to go with the advantages that new technology gives us.

As we all know, technology today can help build even small business up to levels never reachable 50 years ago.  This enablement of the cyber economy allows small business owners to reach around the world to markets they never would have dreamed of.  The connectivity allows you to form partnerships and share information instantly.  Your business is open as long as it is online; it is NEVER closed.  It is here where your business becomes vulnerable to every notorious organization around the world.

The Internet was built on technologies funded by our government. Most of the advances in processing and communications in the last 50 years have all been heavily driven by our nation's budget, either for defense or managing our federal infrastructure.  Our economy and businesses have benefited heavily from these initial investments from our government. The one thing that hasn't caught up with our ability to use the technology to run our businesses, is our ability to deploy it securely. 

It's pretty simple: small business owners do not have the resources that mega large enterprise organizations have.  But the federal government has stepped up in this area as well.  The push by the current President Barack Obama to fund the development of the Cybersecurity Framework by NIST is the first step in this direction.  The next step is now up to YOU the small business owner.  You should now be asking yourself "what can I do for my country?" and begin using the framework to help protect your company, your customers and the safety of the nation's economy that is relying on you.


Eric McWilliams is the founder of FINSECTECH and the guy behind the NIST Cybersecurity Framework as a Service (FaaS).  Eric has worked in the IT Security Industry for the past 20 years. Before that, he got his start in the United States Marine Corps.  These days he loves spending time with his daughter and turning technical ideas on napkins into products for the world.