FINSECTECH at US Chamber of Commerce Cybersecurity Summit

It is a great pleasure to be a sponsor of the US Chamber of Commerce Cybersecurity Summit in Las Vegas next week.  The Chamber is putting on the conference to spread the word and knowledge about the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. After attending the Minneapolis Cybersecurity Summit, Andrew and I noticed there was a huge crowd of businesses that were all interested in NIST, but none of the vendors at the conference or the sponsoring booths outside of the US Department of Homeland Security were pitching their usage of the NIST Framework, or anything to do with NIST.  All of the vendors seemed to be offering the same thing that every IT vendors offers: consulting services, rack space, hardware, etc... 

We saw this as a huge problem and decided to join the conference next week as a sponsor.  We think this will help the businesses that are interested in implementing the Cybersecurity Framework and also get our product out there.   The Chamber listed the following reasons to attend the seminar:

  • You've heard something about a cyber framework--you're not exactly sure what it is--and want to learn more.
  • You have cybersecurity or risk-management responsibilities for your organization--whether private or public.
  • You have a cybersecurity program for your business and want to strengthen it.
  • You're a large company looking for ways to communicate about cyber with your small and midsize supply chain partners.

All four of their reasons are the very reasons we have formed FINSECTECH.  Our Framework as a Service is THE solution for anyone attending this Cybersecurity Summit without a doubt.

Anyway, once again we are super excited to be attending this conference.  Here is the conference agenda from the Chamber of Commerce.