The Core Cybersecurity Framework

The Framework is deployed nationally in a host of sectors. It works with a Variety of organizations ranging from multinational corporations to small businesses. The proposed value of THE Framework has been validated through a large volume of interactions between NIST (National institute of standards and technology) and the financial industry.

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CyberSecurity Risk Management Tool

The Risk Management Tool is built to effectively manage information system-related security risks in highly diverse environments. The tool is central to developing and maintaining an integrated organization-wide risk management infrastructure.

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Cybersecurity Management Training

Finsectech will facilitate onsite and web based cybersecurity management training for executive staff MEMBERS. Finsectech is also creating an online CBT solution Across all staff to help increase Your personnel’s security knowledge and procedures.

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Review of Controls and Consulting

Special skills are needed to help augment your company's security needs. Finsectech can provide your company with the right skills to manage your security posture. Specific security solutions can also be developed to fit your companY'S needs.

Finsectech offers ADDITIONAL EXPERT Products and SERVICES INCLUDING data analytics, process automation and custom business application development.

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